Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Wedding Dresses

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Wedding Dresses

Choosing the right wedding dress is important, you want to feel confident but comfortable on your wedding day.

Katie , owner of bridal boutique, The Aisle, has some hits and tips to finding the right dress for you;

  • Keep open-minded and try on as many different styles as you can to begin with – this will help you narrow down the silhouettes that suit you and you feel most comfortable in.

  • While it is lovely to have friends and family in your wedding dress appointment, don’t forget it’s your dress and your day so make sure to pick what you love and feel comfortable in!

  • Make a pinterest board and get a feel for what you like and don’t like.

  • Personalise where you can! The Aisle has a sister business called Beespoke, creating personalised denim jackets for brides and bridesmaids, weddings and honeymoons!

  • Never feel pushed into something you don’t feel happy in, remember we are all different and everyone has different tastes!

  • Think about changing the look from day to evening / from ceremony to reception. For example, wear a veil for the ceremony, but replace with a hair vine or headpiece later in the day. Dresses with low backs also lend themselves beautifully to a piece of back jewellery.

  • Start to look for your dress about 9-12 months before your wedding. This gives time for the dress to be made and altered.

  • Choose a dress that is practical as well as beautiful - easy to put on and off, comfortable to wear all day, something you can eat in, dance in and go to the toilet in!

All the gorgeous dresses were featured below were sourced from The Aisle. If these gowns are your kind of thing and you are currently looking for your wedding dress, check out Katie’s sample sales, taking place this month!