Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Lineham Farm Wedding

Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Lineham Farm Wedding

Wedding photography 'down on the farm'!

Liz and Matt got married last year and it was brilliant! 

In amongst the ‘things than made me go oooooooooh’ were….

  • Liz arriving at church in her dads vintage car....too good an opportunity to miss!

  • Arriving at Lineham Farm and being greeted by a courtyard of hay bales, fairy lights and cocktails (the ‘Beetlejuice’ cocktail van was a huge hit with the guests too!)

  • Lineham Farm itself is an awesome venue that works as both a residential children's charity and a wedding venue. The 120 acre farm boasts a 17th century farmhouse, courtyards, woodlands and lakes....not to mention a handful of animals that live at the farm, which proved to be a real talking point with the wedding guests! The pigs were my favourite....we let them bomb a few pics! 

  • Liz and Matt were a really fun couple to work with....I suspected this when we first met in the run up to their wedding, but it was confirmed when matt pulled a prank on me, on the morning of the wedding! (Turns out you can ‘kid a kidder’!!)

  • Liz’s tanzanite engagement ring

  • The epic dance floor efforts of the guests. Liz and Matt have fun mates!!!! I was dragged up to dance at one point and nearly lost a lens (and a limb!) The crew at this wedding really were such a good laugh!

Liz and Matt emigrated to Dubai straight after their wedding and are living the good life in the sunshine (I try to stay off their instagram feed during the cold winter months!!) :-) 

Thanks for having me Liz and Matt! Enjoy married life in the sandpit!! (….and come and live in Ilkley, on your return, like you promised!!) xx