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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Couples Portraits

When photographing a wedding, there are times in the day when I purposefully slink in to the background, to document events just as they unfold. At 5 foot 2, I can be discreet!! :-)

Yet at other times, I work directly with you, to capture pictures of the two of you together; natural, flattering, bright images, that show you, being ‘you’, on your wedding day.

I typically whisk you off for a brief stint before and after the wedding breakfast, if your schedule allows. This not only breaks it up nicely (and allows you to actually see the guests that have travelled from far and wide to be at the wedding!), but it also allows me to work with changing light; as the evening draws closer, the sun falls lower and the natural light turns warmer. 

Capturing the ‘couples portrait’ is one of my favourite parts of a days wedding coverage....and often the only part of the day that you get time alone (albeit, with me, at a respectful distance!)

I also take time to get to know you, before the wedding day, as its really important that you feel at ease with me and in front of the lens. A quick coffee before the big day, to chat over wedding day plans, usually does the trick!

I’m really not that scary, I promise!!