Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Bolton Abbey Engagement Shoot

Wedding Photographer | Engagement Shoot at Bolton Abbey

Next up, a shoot from earlier this year, at one of my very favourite haunts, Bolton Abbey.

I just absolutely love this place. The landscape is so varied, I know lots of well lit little pockets where the weekend crowds can usually be avoided and its just consistently beautiful, across all four seasons.

I met Katy and Marc earlier this year, with their little boy, Max, for their engagement shoot, ahead of their summer Burnsall Wedding. The route we took that day was really short, perfect for Max’s little legs (and mine!!), but we still managed to get a nice varied selection of pictures.

After an hour or so outdoors, we headed for the Cavendish Pavilion for a coffee and wedding catch-up. Whether or not a couple book an engagement shoot, a pre-wedding face-to-face catch-up over a coffee, is a really nice and effective way of preparing for a day of wedding photography. It helps me to understand what exactly you want from your pictures and allows me to identify and advise on any forward planning that may be required to bring your vision to life. It also means that I’m a familiar face on the day of the wedding, rather than a stranger who you have red a little bit about, online!

Engagement shoots are an option add-on to both my digital and album wedding packages. If you decide to ‘add on’, you'll see whats its like to be in front of my lens (far less intimidating than people imagine!) while I work to achieve really natural photos of you both, just being yourselves. As we lark about, for an hour or so, I work to document things as they unfold, offering just a little light direction here and there.

So thats what a pre-wedding shoot sounds like. At this point, I’ll draft in Katy, Marc and Max, to illustrate what a pre-wedding shoot looks like!