Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Best of 2018 | Flowers

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Best of 2018 | Flowers

2018 has been an amazing year for wedding blooms! Floristry is part of most wedding day celebrations and I’ve photographed so many gorgeous wedding flowers, some simple and classic, some really unusual. Bouquets and buttonholes are commonplace, but in the past couple of years I’ve noticed a move towards more unusual and theatrical creations too….which I’m loving!!

A few of the wedding flower themes from the past year;

Copper - I’ve seen loads of copper this past year. It can be bold or understated and can be incorporated in so many ways. Copper vases and urns, copper ribbons, dried flowers/foliage/twigs sprayed copper, archways made of copper piping. It seems to work with such a wide variety pf colours too, so can work great in any season.

Archways and hoops - so dramatic and theatrical! If this is something you are considering for your upcoming wedding, discuss with your chosen wedding florist, whether it is possible to create something that can be moved around the venue, to really make the most of your investment (for example a flower archway which can be used for the ceremony - but then re-purposed as a photo booth back drop, during the evening reception!

Succulents - I really REALLY love succulents (my house is covered in them!) They come in such gorgeous green and purple hues, are super robust and I’ve seen them successfully added to bouquets, table pieces, archways - and wearable pieces such as corsages and necklaces (….speaking of which…..!)

Wearable pieces - I’ve worked with ‘floral jewellery’ this year, in my styled shoot editorial work. I’m seriously hoping that this catches on as they look so beautiful and different!

Feathers - a great way to add texture and interest to any floral arrangement. I’ve seen both pheasant and peacock feathers used, both of which proved really effective.

I’ll leave it there, with a (generous!) handful of my favourite wedding flower pictures from this year :-)