Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Best Group Shots 2018

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Best Group Shots 2018

Group shots.

Questions about group shots always crop up in wedding photography consultations - and here’s the scoop.

Most of the couples that I seem to attract, aren’t too keen on the ‘standing in a line for hours on end, getting formal pictures’ thing. They often want a handful of the more formal images, often at the request of parents or grandparents, which is absolutely fine.

However 'group shots’ don’t need to be formal. And I have to say, I prefer the group shots with a bit of personality.

There are so many ways to bring these pictures to life a little (I have a few tricks!)….and in my experience, it’s the more relaxed and natural group shots that sneak their way into frames and get in on the album action! Its the ones that make you smile!

In essence its all about capturing those extra special people in your lives, celebrating with you, on your big day.

The ones that used to change your nappy. The ones that have carried you home after too many sherberts. The ones that you need to stay close too as they know waaaaaay to much about you! The ones that are happy to tell you what you need to hear sometimes, rather than what you want to hear. The ones who’s wardrobe you consider an extension of your own. The ones who have seen you at your best and your worst. The ones that grounded you ‘for your own good’. The ones that will be standing by you on your 1st anniversary and your 20th. The ones that will happily destroy you with banter, but always have your back. The ones that you can call in the middle of the night if you needed to, and they’d be there, probably with pizza.

This is what its all about folks….you and your crew.

Just being ‘you’.

So heres a small selection of my favourite group shots from the past year. A lot of fun was had in the making of these piccies!

A huge thanks you to all the couples who have trusted me, to photograph their special days. So grateful :-)