Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Top Bridal Accessories in 2018

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Top Bridal Accessories in 2018

Bridal accessories were a’plenty in 2018.

  • Flower crowns - very much ‘a thing’ in 2017, with the increase in popularity of boho themed weddings….but I’m happy to say, still alive and well throughout 2018.

  • Veils - plain, intricate lace, birdcage, embroidered with wedding dates and initials, various lengths….and great to get creative with in windy weather!

  • Back jewellery - featured in my 2018  bridal editorial work. A fab addition to any backless dress, easily clipped on and removed.

  • Floral jewellery - a floral necklace was featured our 2018 styled bridal shoots....and its my favourite bridal accessory of 2018! They are unique, beautiful and, if made with the right choice of floristry materials, robust and very wearable. Look out for floral earrings and cuffs in 2019!

  • Bejewelled shoes - enough said! I love bridal shoes with a twist, something that doesn’t necessarily look quintessentially ‘bridal’ and you can wear after the wedding day.

  • Personalised jackets - loving the denim and leather, to add a touch of ‘cool’, in an #antibridetribe kinda way! Check out ‘beespoke online’ for denim jackets for both brides and bridesmaids (with the recent launch of optional denim painting, as well as embroidered embellishments)

  • Capes - I never even knew these were a thing until early 2018! They’re a fantastic way to change a bridal look in 2 seconds flat (and an alternative way to cover shoulders if needed for religious reasons)

  • Bold lips - I’ve seen a lot of bold lips throughout the winter weddings. Sometimes for the duration of the day, sometimes to create a slightly different look for the evening reception.

  • Balloons - are these even an ‘accessory’?! Probs not! More a prop. But they have been fun to work with, so I’m sneaking them in at the end!