Yorkshire Family Photographer | Natural Family Photography in Leeds

Yorkshire Family Photographer | Natural Family Photography in Leeds | Ilkley Moor

Check out this gorgeous family that I spent Sunday morning with!

Vicky, Adam and Claudia.

I first met Vicky when I worked at RBS, many years ago. We shared adjacent desks, thousands of tea-runs and hundreds of commutes down to London. We sat next to one another '‘insurancing’ while she planned her wedding day and thereafter, during the months she grew her bump (Claudia!)…and then headed off on maternity leave.

Then fast forward another few years and this lovely family volunteer themselves, for me to practice my family photography on (back in those days my photography enthusiasm outweighed my photography skills somewhat…so these guys did me a huge favour!)

Aaaaand fast forward a few years more (Claudia is 8 years old now!) and we’re up on Ilkley Moor, capturing pictures that will will become increasingly special as we ‘fast forward’ again, into future chapters.

These guys love black & white photography and so the images have quite a few monochrome edits.

Claudia takes all the credit for the last frames; ‘jumping shots’ at her request….turns out I Iove them!

If you are interested in a family shoot for you and your crew (or as a gift), please do get in touch :-)