Middleton Lodge Wedding Photographer | Bridal Prep

Middleton Lodge Wedding Photographer | Bridal Prep

Photographing the morning of a wedding, is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day! 

And doing it somewhere as beautiful as Middleton Lodge is a bonus!

I typically start a day of wedding coverage, with the bride and her crew, as they get ready.

I love capturing the excitement and anticipation, as the bride spends the morning with her closest friends and family. The atmosphere is lovely and it’s a great way for me to get to know some of the key members of the wedding party, before the day gets in to full swing. I also love documenting the details of the dress, shoes, jewellery and the bridal make-up….and then seeing it all come together! And then of course all those special ‘moments’; the giving and receiving of gifts, those close to the bride seeing her in her dress for the first time….it’s just all so lovely!!   

A few suggestions to help you get the most from your bridal preparations! 

  • Have you booked a photography package that includes bridal prep? Both my wedding photography packages cover this as standard, and I usually find that arriving at around the same time as hair and make-up, gives me ample time to cover this part of the day.

  • Have a think about when you're likely to be ready to get into your wedding dress - and how long it takes to do so. In my experience, its great to get into the dress in plenty of time, so that you have time to relax and perhaps have a drink with your crew before you leave to church, rather than rushing out of the door! Furthermore, some dresses require a quick zip up, while other need a croquet hook and LOTS of buttons fastening!!

  • Where are you getting ready? Larger spaces with lots of natural light work really well (so have a think about the number of people who will be with you on the morning of the wedding, to ensure that area is spacious enough to accommodate you all comfortably). If you are planning to get ready in a hotel, it may be worth asking to view the rooms in advance?

  • Plan for food! Im always thinking about food (!) but I do urge you to plan for this, to ensure that you don't start the day off hungry! if you don't fancy a huge brekkie, then surround yourself with snacks that you can graze on (especially if you'll be supping fizz as you get ready!!)

  • If you are getting ready at home, be mindful of background clutter that may detract from your final set of wedding images. You don't need to bottom the whole house (!) but perhaps have a room or two in mind, that are reasonably tidy(ish) and ideally well lit.

  • Consider the small details, which can go a really long way. Matching dressing gowns are a lovely touch. And matching wooden coat hangers for the bride and bridesmaid dresses look fantastic (in fact many of my brides have had this personalised before the wedding, as a keepsake)

Here are a few pictures from my morning with the lovely Jemma and her girls, at Middleton Lodge. Such a special time and a privilege to capture.

Thanks for having me Jem :-) x

I'm a Yorkshire based professional photographer, but happily travel around the UK (and beyond) for wedding photography and portraiture bookings. If you are interested in discussing I'd love to hear from you! Jenny x