Wedding Photographer | Hazlewood Castle Wedding

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography

Back in July of this year, I photographed Trudi and Jamie’s Hazlewood Castle wedding. Im still in touch with the lovely Trudi and Jamie, mainly via instagram - and both their wedding (and honeymoon!) were awesome :-)

What can I tell you about they day they tied the know, at Hazlewood Castle?!

  • The skies were blue aaaaaall day long and my first frame of the day, was the Hazlewood Castle flag, at full mast, blowing in the wind, against this beautiful sky

  • This was one of the first weddings at Hazlewood Castle since the redecoration of the Great Hall. The dark green walls have been re-painted in a neutral colour, which makes the room a great blank canvas for all wedding schemes

  • Trudis Rachel Simpson shoes were not only lovely but awesome dancing shoes, for her dances with both Jamie and her dad…..the later was an amazing Britney Spears medley, perfectly choreographed and complete with stuffed yellow pythons #itsbritneybitch! One thing I soon came to learn about Trudi, is that she LOVES (!!) Britney!!

  • …..and Jamie’s love of ‘Buffy’ was strong enough to rival Trudi’s love of Britney! The table’s were named after various Buffy characters as a nod to this

  • Trudi and Jamie’s wedding guests each wrote a ‘date idea’ on a wooden stick, for Jamie and Trudi to take in to married life together - some interesting ideas there (good luck with the ‘vampire slaying’ guys’!

  • The beautiful Poppy Pickering wedding cake. I mean Dominique’s wedding cakes are always show stoppers, but this masterpiece was no exception!

  • The donut wall, stacked with a whole heap of crispy creme donuts (I ‘may’ have taken ‘one for the road’!!)

  • The Casio! A really great way to keep the wedding guests entertained between the end of the wedding breakfast and the DJ starting

  • Jamie’s expressions during the best mans speeches….priceless and a joy to photograph!!! (Sorry not sorry Jamie!!)

And to top it all off, Trudi and Jamie left me such a gorgeous review on Google, having received their full set of wedding images;

Deciding on a photographer was the decision that took us the longest for our wedding. We looked at a lot and deliberated and deliberated. Picking Jenny was 100% the right decision, her natural style and keen eye meant we got the the moments from our special day captured perfectly. We would definitely recommend to friends, family and strangers!
P.S. It didn't hurt either that Jenny was incredibly friendly and easy to get on with, she certainly helped put us at ease on the day.

A huge thanks to Trudi and Jamie for having me along to their beautiful Hazlewood wedding and being such a pleasure to work with. Wishing you all the happiness for your next chapter together!