Leeds Wedding Photography - Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography

Leeds Wedding Photography - Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography

I first played with smoke bombs while shooting a styled shoot. SO MUCH FUN! A great way to add a pop of colour and a creative twist to a set of photographs.

A happy surprise followed. Having blogged and publicised the styled shoot images, I had a couple of my brides contact me to request that we incorporate coloured smoke into their wedding photos :-)

Coloured smoke can usually be added in to a few of the wedding photography images, but there are few things to consider;

Get permission from the venue. While most venues are accommodating, it is something that should be checked before the big day.

Compose the shot and agree a ‘plan’ before the ‘smoke is smoking’! The smoke doesn’t last long so you don’t want to be wasting precious time discussing with your photographer what you should be doing / where you should be standing or looking! Agree all this beforehand, run the test shots…and then start the smoke!

Buy more than you think you’ll need. A minimum of two canisters.

Consider the conditions. If the ground is hot and very dry, smoke bombs can be dangerous. Furthermore, smoke bombs can be tricky to use if conditions are windy (if there is a light breeze, check the direction of this when positioning the smoke….its not fun to inhale!)

Use outdoors! Trust me on this one! :-)

Don’t get the bomb too close to clothing. Particularly white bridal gowns!!