Leeds Wedding Photographer | Wedding Ceremony Photography

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Wedding Ceremony Photography

Wedding ceremonies....the bit that makes a wedding day a wedding!

Whether you’re going for a civil ceremony, a religious ceremony a blessing or a celebrant lead event, this part of the wedding day is a really fantastic opportunity for beautiful, unposed photos of you both. 

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph a really wide range of wedding ceremonies and blessings; church weddings, stately home weddings, castle weddings, barn weddings, outdoor weddings, farm weddings, teepee weddings…..there is so much choice now when it comes to places in which you can ‘tie the knot’.

Whether I’m working alongside a vicar, priest, registrar or celebrant, my approach to photographing ceremonies is broadly the same. My objective is to document the vows, but in a way that is both discreet and unobtrusive.

The attention is on you, not me!! 

I discuss my approach with all my couples who have booked me, in advance of their wedding day, to ensure that it fits well with their plans.

I also suggest that photography is discussed with the official who is due to conduct the ceremony, to ensure that they are both aware and comfortable with a photographer being present.

Here are a handful of suggestions, to get the most from your wedding ceremony photos; 

  • Discuss any ceremony photography restrictions, well in advance of your wedding day, with your vicar/registrar....and let your chosen photographer know. It really is surprising, how much the photography 'guidelines' can vary.

  • Chat your wedding ceremony plans through with your photographer. This will help them plan their coverage and ensure that they get themselves to the right place, at the right time, discreetly! 

  • Dont rush down the aisle! Enjoy a leisurely stroll and take it all in!

  • Have tissues on hand if you expect tears!

  • Consider the time of the ceremony, especially if you're planning a winter wedding. During the winter months the natural light is lost early on (mid/late afternoon).

  • Decide if you'd like a confetti shot, as you leave the ceremony. Most venues allow this but request biodegradable confetti and for the confetti to be thrown in designated areas.