Leeds Wedding Photographer | Wedding Albums

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Wedding Albums

Let’s talk wedding albums….

A huge amount of effort and thought goes in to planning a wedding and its often one of the rare occasions that you have all your closest family and friends together, in one place, at the same time.

It’s a privilege to capture and I’m so passionate about the photographs from that day, being enjoyed for many years to come.

Beautifully mounted and framed prints are one great way to showcase a handful of your favourite photos.

Wedding albums are another great alternative; a timeless keepsake, presenting a collection of your favourite images, which you can flick through on your first anniversary with your spouse.....and on your 80th birthday with your grandchildren. 

If you'd like to discuss wedding albums in more details, or view my studio samples, please do get in touch....I'll shout you a coffee and spread the album love!