Leeds Wedding Photographer | Wedding Albums

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Wedding Albums

Wedding albums…are they worth it?!!

It’s a good question.

A decent album does cost, and so some couples are a bit hesitant to commit yet more money, to the wedding, when they can opt for a cheaper Digital package.

It’s really down to personal preference - and for this reason I offer both a Digital and an Album wedding package.

My couples put so much time, effort and expense into their wedding day….and its my job to document that day as it unfolds, through images. The photographs that I take throughout the day, will essentially ‘tell the story’ of the wedding….and I’m really passionate about these images seeing the light of day, after the wedding. It would be such a shame to keep all those lovely memories stuck on a USB stick!

Beautifully mounted and framed prints are one great way to showcase a handful of your favourite captures (plus I’m obsessed with gallery walls at the min!)…..wedding albums are another brilliant alternative.

Wedding albums are a fantastic investment. A timeless keepsake, presenting a collection of the very best images, which you can flick through on your first anniversary with your spouse.....and on your 80th birthday with your grandchildren. 

If you'd like to discuss wedding albums in more details, or view my studio samples, please do get in touch. I'll shout you a coffee and spread the album love!