Leeds Wedding Photographer | Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when arranging a wedding.

I’ve pulled together a short list of considerations / useful questions to ask, when setting out on the hunt for your wedding venue;

  • Capacity - I suggest that couples draft a guest list, even before they start to book venue visits. The guest list is often longer that you initially expect, and wedding venues will have a maximum capacity (that cannot be breached, for insurance reasons)

  • Wedding license - do you have a religious or civil ceremony in mind? If the latter, does the venue have a license to hold wedding ceremonies? And if you’d prefer a religious ceremony, would the venue be within easily travelling distance of the wedding ceremony?

  • Proximity - following on from the above, its also handy to have a wedding venue with relatively easy access to guest accommodation or travel network (so that they can get their party-pooped selves, to a bed, on the night of the wedding!)

  • Exclusive use - will you and your wedding party have exclusive use of the venue, or are there likely to be areas open to the general public or perhaps another wedding party? If exclusive use is offered, it’s worth checking whether this ‘kicks-in’ the day before the wedding (this can be useful, if there is any setting up / decorating to do before the big day).

  • Suppliers - do the venue allow you to use your own suppliers, or are you restricted to a set of their ‘preferred suppliers’?

  • Weather contingency - its always a good idea to plan for poor weather, if marrying in the UK. When considering your wedding venue, imagine how that venue would fair in both good and bad weather. Can the ceremony / drinks reception / wedding breakfast be held outdoors? And furthermore, can they all be accommodated indoors, if needed?

  • Wedding vibe - the ‘type’ of wedding you have in mind with often dictate the sort of venues that will appeal. A barn wedding? A stately home wedding? A teepee wedding? A boutique hotel wedding?

  • Wedding planner - many of the established wedding venues have an in-house wedding planner. However, if you are opting for a DIY wedding, you many want to consider hiring a wedding planner, to help to co-ordinate, both in the run-up to the day, and on the day itself.

  • Corkage - does the venue charge corkage on wine?

For further wedding hints and tips, from experts within the wedding industry, take a look at my wedding hub of information.

Enjoy the ‘wedmin’!!! :-)