Leeds Wedding Photographer | Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography

Smoke bombs are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour and a creative twist to a handful of wedding photographs.

My first time using coloured smoke bombs, was for a styled shoot. However, since the shoot images hit my blog and Instagram account, I received a handful of enquiries from brides who had booked me for their wedding, as to whether we could incorporate ‘smoke’ into their wedding photography too!

The answer is usually yes….but there are a few things for your chosen wedding photographer to consider;

Get permission from the venue. Whilst venues are usually accommodating, it is something that should be checked before the wedding day. Some venues stipulate designated areas or times.

Compose the shot and agree a ‘plan’ before the ‘smoke is smoking’! The smoke doesn’t last long so you don’t want to be wasting precious time, after the smoke has started pluming, working out where you should be looking, how you should be standing etc! Agree all this beforehand, run your test shots…and then bring in the smoke!

Choose what colour you’d like to go with; they come in a wide range of colours, so couples tend to choose a colour that fits loosely with their wedding day colour scheme. To bear in mind though that while most of the smoke bombs are very vivid colours, once the smoke has started to spread and disperse, the smoke colour appears far more muted and pastel-like.

Buy more than you think you’ll need. I usually take a minimum of two, of the same colour.

Consider the conditions. If the ground is hot and very dry, smoke bombs can be dangerous. Furthermore, smoke bombs can be tricky to use if conditions are windy (if there is a light breeze, check the direction of this when positioning the smoke).

Don’t hold the smoke too close to clothing. Particularly white bridal gowns!!

Use outdoors! Trust me on this one :-)

So here you have it! A handful of smoke bomb images, from Amber at Adams gorgeous wedding at Saltmarshe Hall…and the styled shoot I mentioned.