Leeds Wedding Photographer | Catching up before the big day

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Catching up before the big day

As all brides will vouch, a great deal of planning goes into a wedding day! For the celebrations to unfold, as envisaged, involves a lot of thought, work and organisation.

Booking a photographer is often one of many items on the 'to do' list'....but once appointed, the photographer too has preparatory work to do, to ensure that they are well equipped to document the event as planned.

It is for this reason that I meet my couples in advance of the wedding day, once the majority of the plans for their big day have been finalised. We chat through their schedule for the day, over a cuppa....and often we move on afterwards, to the engagement shoot.

Here is a whistle stop tour of what we cover.... 

Locations: Where are you and the remainder of the bridal party getting ready? Where is the ceremony? Where is the reception? As a photographer its useful to not only familiarise myself with these locations, but understand travelling distances between them (and ensure that there is parking nearby!).

Timings: I like to know what your schedule for the day looks like....from bridal preparations, right through to the first dance (including the ceremony, reception, speeches, cake cutting etc).  

The details: Your final set of edited images will tell the 'story' of your day - and these little details play a really important part. Often a huge amount of thought and effort has gone into these details, so it is important that they are captured. These include; the flowers, jewellery, veil, shoes, dress, perfume, favours, menus, table plans, wedding cake, wedding car, fireworks, gifts etc etc. Tell me about all these little details so that I can ensure that they are documented!

A 'point person': It is really handy as a photographer to have a specific named person on hand. This is typically a member of the bridal party (bridesmaid, usher, best man) - and its helpful if they are familiar with both the bride and grooms family. While their 'duties' in this respect are fairly light touch (I wont be hounding them all day!!) it does prove helpful to have them on side, e.g. when i'm rounding up individuals for the group shots. 

Formal group shots: Its useful to know in advance of any group shots you'd like. These can take longer than you may imagine, so its my job to ensure that they are properly scheduled in and shot efficiently.

Any photography restrictions? If these apply at all, it is usually limited to the vows and signing of the register. Nevertheless, its certainly something to understand and discuss in advance of the big day. 

Weather contingencies. Unfortunately the weather is not always kind to us! Therefore we always discuss what a rainy and windy 'plan B' looks like!

Number of guests? Additional guests arriving during the evening? This is useful to know, when planning full wedding party shots. Its also nice to keep and eye out of any new faces that may be arriving later on in the proceedings, so that they too can be photographed.

So....its certainly worth the cuppa and catch-up! (….and cake if at all possible!)

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a photographer to capture your big day, then I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks, Jenny xx