Leeds Wedding Photographer | Capturing Group Shots

Leeds Wedding Photographer | Capturing Group Shots

Group shots.

Questions about group shots always crop up in wedding photography consultations.

Whether couples are planning a traditional wedding or not, they usually want at least a handful of photos, with their friends and closest family.

Group shots can be shot more formally, but they don’t need to be so. I have to say, I prefer the group shots with a bit of personality (with genuine smiles and laughter, and sometimes with the guests having a bit of banter between them, rather than all looking down the lens)….. so I typically capture both.

There are so many ways to bring these pictures to life a little (I have a few tricks!)….and in my experience, it’s the more relaxed and natural group shots that sneak their way into frames and get in on the album action! Its the ones that make you smile.

In essence its all about capturing those extra special people in your lives, celebrating with you, on your big day.