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Wedding Photography Editing Styles

I’ve blogged before on this topic; a list of suggestions that may help you to find the right wedding photographer for ‘you’.

At the top of that this list (which sounds painfully obvious, I know!!), was to establish the types of wedding photographs that you like.

The choice used to be pretty generic. However, nowadays, photography equipment and editing tools are so advanced and varied - and photographers have really started to carve out ‘signature styles'.

So much so, that when scrolling through my insta feed of fellow photographers, I can often hazard a guess as to the photographer behind the image, without checking the full post!

As with all professional photographers, my style took a while to establish and will further evolve over time. Just as I have a well practiced and ‘Jenny Maden’ approach to capturing the image, in camera….I have a well honed (and much tinkered with!) ‘recipe’ for editing these in-camera images, in keeping with my own style; muted tones, light and airy, natural but flattering.

leeds wedding photographer
leeds wedding photographer
leeds wedding photographer