Leeds Photographer | Family Photography in Ilkley

Family Photography at the Cow and Calf, in Ilkley

Aaaand another of this years family photography shoots!

I’ve been super busy with these shoots this year, with most of my Sundays and (non-wedding) Saturdays spent exploring beautiful outdoor locations with yet more lovely families.

I photography across a range of outdoor locations, in the local area. Sometimes families have a really specific location in mind for their shoot (a place that they love spending family time, ot has some other significance to them)….but typically i’m asked for suggestions - and the Cow and Calf is one of my firm favourites. I know a short route near the rocks that is easy to navigate, and so long as the weather isn’t too windy (its pretty exposed up there!) it always delivers.

The outdoor shoots are also perfect for keeping the little ones entertained. I encourage them to play and explore throughout, so the ‘posing’ is kept to a minimum. These shoots have seen me fairy spotting, stone throwing, elf hunting, den making, flower picking, tree climbing, leaf collecting and dancing. I also get the low-down on favourite animals, the nicest teachers, the coolest toys, the best games.....you get the idea!! :-)

Thanks to Adam, Becky and the boys, for having me along on their little moorland jaunt!