Leeds Family Photographer | Family Photography | Ilkley

Leeds Family Photographer | Family Photography | Ilkley

Sp what do you do, on the weekend your dad turns 70, your brother, sister-in-law and nieces are up to stay, from London - and the sun is shining?

You book a family photo shoot!!

That’s exactly what these guys did and we spent a really lovely hour, mooching about on Ilkley Moor (which despite the glorious sunshine, bank holiday weekend and absolutely chocca car-park, really felt pretty quiet).

That’s just one of the fantastic things about shooting up on the moors; its such a huge expanse of space that its so easy to avoid crowds and photo-bombers.

The two little girls were super cute. The smallest was asleep in the car on arrival and remained so, all the way up to the moors, on her dads shoulder! Her older sis was ready and raring to go from the go-go though and loved seeing the photos as they were taken, on the back on my camera.

A big thanks to these guys (Rik and Paul!) for booking me.

Enjoy your photos!!