Ilkley photographer | Kids grow up fast!

Child portraiture is one of my favourite things....and I harp on a lot about capturing little ones 'while they are still little' and photographing children throughout their childhood, as they really do change so fast. Not only in size, but in their personalities, expressions and mannerisms. These are all things I look to capture during a shoot; the essence of that little person, that you can look back on in years to come.

These three sets of photos, of our little girl Nelly, were all taken before her 3rd birthday....and as of last week, are now ALL hanging on the walls of our home.

My intention is to keep these annual shoots going....and to get cracking with some equivalent photos of our little boy. At just 9 months old he's not had much time in front of the camera....and with only one framed print of him in the house, he's looking like the underdog!! :-)

If you're interested in booking a shoot to capture your own sproglets, Id love to hear from you!

Jenn x