Ilkley Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography in the Family Home

Next up, one of my recent(ish!) newborn photography shoots, in Ilkley; Lex, Riley and Imogen (AKA ‘mouse’). Having photographed Lex and Riley get married, it was amazing to have the opportunity to capture their little team of two, grow to three!

For those of you that have read my recent ramblings on here, you’ll know that newborn photography is one of my absolute favourite things.

Having had two babies of my own, I know only too well, how quickly they change and how much you come to treasure the little memories of how teeny tiny they once were. Each phase just seems to pass so much faster than you think it will and you really do come to treasure the momentos of ‘days past’, photographs included.

I’ve blogged recently about newborn shoots and the ‘rights’ time to book in - and the reality is, there isnt one, its totally down to personal preference. There is no baby age limit on baby photography.

Some bookings see me with newborns just days old, to capture them starting out in the world. Sometimes parents choose to book me around the 3-month mark, once they have had time to settle in at home and the baby has more head control (and smiles that aren’t just wind)! There is also the option to wait until the 6-month point when the little ones are sitting and gaining some mobility.

The choice is yours!

My newborn photography and baby photography is ‘lifestyle based’ which is essentially a really natural and unobtrusive approach to newborn photography and baby photography, showing the baby in his/her home environment - often with parents and siblings.

So without further ado, here you have Lex, Riley and little ‘Mouse’! (and yes. Lex did wear a gorgeous white, ironed shirt….I mean, mum goals. My youngest is nearly 2 years and Im not sure he’s ever seen our iron!)