Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Confetti Photography

Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Confetti Photography

If you, like me, love unposed, candid photography….then you’ll probably love confetti shots. 'Confetti faces' are after all, one the best of facial expressions! 

If you’re planning a wedding and thinking of including confetti-throwing, then here are a few things to consider; 

What to throw: 

Petals are best.

I’ve been at weddings where rice and lavender seeds have been used - and not only are they are harder to see on camera, they also get stuck….everywhere!! Especially in lace detailing, layered clothing (and cleavage!) :-)

Flower petals are slightly larger, look great on camera and fall a little slower. They also come in all colours; multicoloured petals look really bright and cheery, or opting for colours that match / compliment a wedding scheme, can work really well too.

Real flower petals are also biodegradable, so are permitted by most churches and wedding venues.

Drying petals is a super easy DIY job too (especially if you have an airing cupboard and a team of willing volunteers!) 

Distributing the confetti; 

Plan ahead to ensure that the wedding guests have easy access to the confetti.

Either designate the job to a gues or have the confetti positioned by the exit of the ceremony, so that guests can grab some themselves.

How much; 

Assume around 75% of your wedding guests will throw the confetti and allow them a handful each! That’s the ‘official guidance’.

My preferred approach is to just buy sh*t loads and let your guests figure out between them, how to launch every last bit!!! 

Herd the guests! 

The photos will only be a success if the guests know both where to be positioned and when to throw. This is something that your photographer should coordinate - then simply give you the nod, when your ‘corridor of confetti’ is ready.

Take your time!

Remember to stroll and for both you and your partner to stay broadly the same distance from the camera (ie no running or dragging one another along!)

And thats it!!!