Harrogate Family Photographer | Ilkley Bluebell Woods

Natural Family Photography | Ilkley Photographer | Bluebell Woods

I’m officially on a roll with this blogging lark….and next up, a gorgeous family photography shoot from summer of this year, in Ilkley’s Bluebell Woods, with Karen, Marc and their two boys, Sebbie and Gabriel.

For those of you that are local and have not yet been to these woods, YOU MUST GO! Every year, around April/May, the little purple flowers appear in their thousands and carpet the woodland. Its the business! And a photographers dream.

Im always torn when I photograph in this location, when it comes to editing. I’m a real sucker for a black and white edit, but losing the purple can feel like a sacrilege!! As you’ll see below, I edited a selection in both - you can decide which you prefer!

This shoot was also awesome given that Karen and Marc are great pals of ours. And better still, Karen’s parents joined us for the walk, which meant that we could get some lovely pictures of them with the boys too.

As always, picking a ‘handful’ of images to share is a struggle….but here you have it!