Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Confetti Shots

I love a good confetti shot when photographing weddings

'Confetti faces' are up there amongst the best of facial expressions!

A few tips to consider in advance, if you are planning confetti throwing at your wedding

What to throw: Petals are best. I’ve been at weddings where rice and lavender seeds have been thrown; they are harder to see on camera and they get stuck….everywhere!! Expecially in lace detailing and layered clothing.

Flower petals are slightly larger, look great on camera and fall a little slower. I'd recommend opting for real, dried petals. As they are biodegradable, they are usually allowed outside church grounds and in designated areas of most wedding venues.

Roses, hydrangeas and delphiniums all work brilliantly – plus they come in a variety of colours, should you wish to tie your confetti into your wedding colour scheme.

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Distributing the confetti; plan ahead to ensure that the wedding guests have access to the confetti. Either designate the job to a member of the wedding party, or have the confetti positioned by the exit of the ceremony, so that guests can grab some themselves

yorkshire wedding confetti shot

How much; Assume around 75% of your wedding guests will throw the confetti and allow them a handful each!

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Rally the troops; ensure that the guests know *where* to be positioned and *when* to throw! Confetti firing off at different times and different places does not make for a good photo! Your photographer should coordinate this and give you the nod, when your corridor of confetti-armed wedding guests is poised and ready to go :-)