Harrogate Wedding Photographer | 2017 Round-Up!

A year of wedding photography, crammed into one post (with difficulty)!

So thats my 2017 wedding season done! Over the next few weeks, I'll be wrapping up my pre-Christmas portrait shoots (that pun was actually a happy accident!) and tackling admin (send wine)....but before all that, a quick blog, featuring a collection of my fave wedding images to date.

It's a real mixed bag; some of these pictures grabbed my attention the second they were captured....others I noticed some time after and I grew an affection for them. But they all, in one way or another, evoke some kind of emotion and take me back to a specific moment at one of the weddings i've been lucky enough to photograph.

A big and heartfelt 'thank you' to all the fantastic couples I have worked with so far. I literally could not do this job without you and I'm so appreciative of each and every booking. And to the couples in my 2018 diary....bring it! :-)

Jenn xx