Harrogate Wedding Photographer | My Wedding Photography 'Wish List'

Harrogate Wedding Photographer | My Wedding Photography 'Wish List'

When I first started out in wedding photography, I pulled together a 'wish list' of weddings I'd really love to shoot.

I looked back on that list earlier today and am chuffed to say that I've actually ticked a few off;

  • A wedding shoot in a field of wild flowers. I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at Wharfedale Grange, while the corn flowers were in full bloom - AMAZING!  
  • A wedding with a ring-bearing dog (or a pooch usher / bridesmaid for that matter)! One of my recent Rudding Park brides, arranged for their gorgeous dog to attend the wedding, dressed as an usher....all as a surprise for the groom :-) 
  • A bride wearing a really alternative colour gown - or a bold 'pop' of colour. Well I've had a few brides with bright blue shoes, bright blue pedicures, and one awesome bride completely shunned the white wedding dress and rocked a striking multi-coloured cocktail dress - TICK!

However, this does still leave a few outstanding items on my list;

  • An 'elopement' - exciting, intimate and different
  • A snowy wedding - I'm thinking a real 'winter wonderland' scenario 
  • An outdoors woodland wedding - so magical
  • A beach wedding - the work of other photographers have sparked my interest here - really great photo opportunities....especially for brave brides!
  • A wedding on a boat - on calm waters....I get sea sickness....badly!
  • A bride with some amazing tattoos. Im talking both bold and beautiful. The kind of tattoos that I admire as artwork, but am too wuss to get myself!
  • A 1920s themed wedding - I think the fashions of this era lend themselves perfectly to bridal wear

So....if you are planning a wedding, Yorkshire or beyond, incorporating any of the above, 1. I think you're pretty cool and 2. I would LOVE to hear from you!!  

Jenn xx

I'm Ilkley based photographer, but happily travel around Yorkshire (and beyond) for wedding and portraiture bookings. If you are interested in discussing a shoot or wedding day coverage, i'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line (info@jennymaden.co.uk) or a call (07429017143).  

Jenny x