Yorkshire Childrens Photographer | Ilkley | Bianca, Freya and Annabelle

Yesterday I met Bianca and her gorgeous twin girls Annabelle and Freya (collectively known as ‘thetwirls’) for our annual photo shoot...year #5! These guys are always such fun to photograph....so full of beans and laughter.  

This year we kept things local and strolled down to Ilkley park, with a selection of ‘essentials’....2 x scooters, bread for the ducks and snacks.. Bianca and I were in vehement agreement that 'sampling' treats intended for the girls, was 'quality control'.....and therefore completely calorie free (my skinny jeans are less convinced by this theory!). 

We finished the session with a few quirky shots involving stickers on boots. Here are our favourites....