Portrait Photographer Leeds | Getting children to pose

The very best child portraiture images are achieved with some forward planning regarding location and clothing choices, and then just letting the children do what they do best....be children.

There is no posing.

Child portraiture shoots have seen me fairy spotting, troll hunting, den making, flower picking, stick throwing, tree climbing, leaf collecting and dancing. I also get the low-down on favourite animals, the nicest teachers, the coolest toys, the best games.....you get the idea!! :-)

This approach makes the experience fun and engaging for the little ones, and as a result we get extremely candid images which show genuine smiles and laughter, but also a whole host of other expressions; concentration, thoughtfulness, mischievousness and innocence. 

I'm based in Ilkley, but happy to travel around Yorkshire (and beyond), to photograph. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss or arrange a shoot.