Child Portraiture | Beach Shoot

Im just back from an awesome week away in sunny Tenerife. I've left my cameras behind on my last couple of holidays....and regretted it as soon as we'd arrived. So this time I went armed with a camera and my favourite lens ( an aside, the lens wipe was sadly deemed 'out of order' within a day, as it was used by a certain little lady to address her 'snotty nose'....not sure if this counts as good manners of feral tendencies?!) 


This stone beach lay just outside our hotel. A deserted expanse of shoreline, strewn with quirky piles of rocks (known as 'cairns', if anyone is interested?!)

So with a fab location and a cute kid at my disposal, it would have been a shame to miss an opportunity for a few photos.

Having coaxed the little one down the the beach, we almost had to drag her away. It turns out, playing with stone 'towers' is a right hoot....and this is exactly why i love photographing kids in the outdoors. As per my last post, there is absolutely no posing. The magic happens when you just let them loose to play and explore. 

By my reckoning, the light would have been at its absolute best, had we waited another 40 mins or so, however, our tummies were rumbling and there were G&Ts to be drunk.

Here are a handful from our little beach session, with our scrummy little cherub, busy being busy :-)

Yorkshire Photographer | Posing Children

The very best child portraiture images are achieved with some forward planning regarding location and clothing choices, and then just letting the children do what they do children!

There is no posing.

Child portraiture shoots have seen me fairy spotting, troll hunting, den making, flower picking, stick throwing, tree climbing, leaf collecting and dancing. I also get the low-down on favourite animals, the nicest teachers, the coolest toys, the best get the idea!! :-)

This approach makes the experience fun and engaging for the little ones, and as a result we get extremely candid images which show genuine smiles and laughter, but also a whole host of other expressions; concentration, thoughtfulness, mischievousness and innocence. 

I'm based in Ilkley, but happy to travel around Yorkshire (and beyond), to photograph. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss or arrange a shoot.