Childbirth Photography (possibly not what you had imagined!!)

If someone has asked me, when pregnant, whether I'd consider having my birthing experience professionally photographed, I would have asked them if they were insane...or drunk....or both!

However....I've read up on this topic a lot since becoming a mother myself and while I'm not personally 'sold' on the idea, I certainly view it in a very different way now.

Prior to my research, I just could not comprehend why anyone would want a stranger with a camera, witnessing and documenting something that is so private and intimate (and, for some, loud and painful and gory and messy and hellish!!!)

I think its fair to say that no-one looks quite at their 'best' while going through the birthing experience. Bringing a new little person into the world is a gruelling task, however the baby is delivered. I looked like a troll throughout. A tired one. With bad hair and (short outbursts of) foul language.

BUT, all that aside, there really are some amazing moments to be captured, as these images depict. 

Its not about the 'crowning' or the blood or the 'lady parts'! Thats is a common misconception. It's about the 'moments'; daddy looking after mummy, mummy being a trooper, midwives being angels, surges of adrenaline, first glances at baby and stark realisations that the 'bump' is now a little person. These are moments that are so easily missed or forgotten. Many parents describe their memories of childbirth as a 'blur'.

I for one LOVE each and every one of these pictures. In my opinion they are tasteful and hugely emotive. 

Shout-outs to the fantastic photographers and of course to the very open-minded parents, who allowed their birthing experiences to be captured.

So what about you guys?! Are you a 'yay' or 'nay'?!


 Credit:  Brian Lanker Photography
 Credit: Meagan Hall Photography 


 Credit:  Cassie Emmett | Capturing Life Photography
 Credit: Laura Fifield Photography
 Credit:  Ashley Yvonne Photography
 Credit: Keri-Anne Dilworth | First Light Birth Photography 
 Credit: Meagan Hall Photography 
 Credit: First Light Birth Photography