Harrogate Wedding Photographer | 2017 Round-Up!

So thats my 2017 wedding season done! Over the next few weeks, I'll be wrapping up my pre-Christmas portrait shoots (that pun was actually a happy accident!) and tackling admin (send wine)....but before all that, a quick blog, featuring a collection of my fave wedding images to date.

It's a real mixed bag; some of these pictures grabbed my attention the second they were captured....others I noticed some time after and I grew an affection for them. But they all, in one way or another, evoke some kind of emotion and take me back to a specific moment at one of the weddings i've been lucky enough to photograph.

A big and heartfelt 'thank you' to all the fantastic couples I have worked with so far. I literally could not do this job without you and I'm so appreciative of each and every booking. And to the couples in my 2018 diary....bring it! :-)

Jenn xx 

Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Middleton Lodge Wedding

My 2017 weddings have now drawn to a close and Im finally getting chance to look back over the years work, at a leisurely pace....which is both a reminder of how behind I am on my blogging - and a distraction from the pain that is my annual tax return!! 

The wedding of Jem and Dave at Middleton Lodge Estate is up there as one of my 2017 faves. Jem and Dave are just a super lovely couple, the venue is stunning, the weather that day was on our side....even the bridal suite where I spent the morning with the girls smelt amazing! (....of Jo Malone 'pomegranate noir' if you're interested.....which incidentally also arrived in a parcel on my doorstep a week later, making my own house smell equally gorgeous....weird!) 

Here is a run-down of that beautiful day, in photos......

  • Venue: Middleton Lodge
  • Car: Elite Wedding cars
  • Dress: Abigails bridal
  • Cake: Sweet Charlotte cakes
  • Flowers: Nicolla Florist Wetherby  

Harrogate Wedding Photographer | Engagement Shoots

I offer a 'pre-wedding engagement shoot' as an optional add-on to my wedding day coverage....but what is that exactly??! I get asked this fairly often! 


Its a chance for us to meet in person, before your big day. I suggest we meet for a coffee before we move on to the shoot. This gives us an opportunity to have a natter and chat through what you have planned for the wedding day. Not only does this help me to plan and prepare for the wedding day itself, but it also means that Im a familiar face when I arrive on the morning of the wedding.

Its an opportunity for us to work together before the wedding. You'll see whats its like to be in front of my lens (far less intimidating than people imagine!) and experience how I work. Likewise, I'll get a feel for your likes and dislikes and work to build an understanding of what you want to achieve from your engagement and wedding photos.

Its fun! I promise! I work to achieve really natural photos of you both, just being yourselves. The We chat, joke and generally lark about, for an hour or so....and all the while I work to document things as they unfold, offering just a little light direction here and there. So many (most!) clients tell me after the shoot that they were surprised quite how much they enjoyed it....blokes included!

Here are a few images from Emma and Liam's engagement shoot, prior to their Waterton Park wedding back in April. An awesome couple and a great exampe of how kids can get involved in these shoots too.

If you'd like to discuss wedding day coverage or engagement shoots specifically, then please do get in touch :-)

Jenny x